Eton Waterbed

What’s more important than getting a good night’s sleep?

Getting forty winks is vital to human health, in order to get that, we need the perfect environment for that to happen, if you don’t have a good foundation, then you will wake up feeling tired – if your sleep is affected then your health will soon follow, we need a surface to support us whilst we sleep so we don’t keep tossing and turning throughout the night to get comfortable; the human body is made up of approximately 70% water, so a waterbed is the ideal platform, your body’s contours will naturally mould to the waterbed reducing the amount you move helping you to feel well rested upon waking.

Sleeping on a waterbed helps alleviate sores because the weight of the body is evenly distributed over the surface of the mattress, in addition a waterbed is the most hygienic sleeping surface available – because the mattress is non-porous so bed bugs are unable to burrow deep into the fibres like a normal conventional mattress, waterbeds are also heated and controlled via a thermostat, so you can control the temperature of the bed which in turn regulates the body’s core, helping you to feel relaxed through the night.

So you can see the benefits of sleeping on a waterbed, and most modern waterbeds now look and feel like a normal bed, for example the Eton softside waterbed featured here is the ultimate in luxury, a stylish bed with all the benefits of getting the best nights sleep money can buy. You may of heard of memory foam mattresses, perhaps you have one, they are marketed to promote similar benefits of waterbeds, but a common issue is they retain to much body heat, making people feel too hot when they try to sleep.

The Eton waterbed is available in a variety of colours, sizes and mattress options that can be altered to suit your taste and needs.

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