Waterbeds Facts And FAQ’s

Are waterbeds expensive?

No…………… Waterbeds are no more expensive than an average priced, averaged quality conventional bed, the annual running costs for electricity to warm a waterbed is approximately ten pounds, once a waterbeds thermostat has heated the bed to the desired temperature, its dormant for ninety percent of the time.

What type of waterbed mattress will suit me?

Strictly speaking there is no rule to this question, most people over time develop their own preferences as to what type of bed suits their needs.The overwhelming favourite with waterbed connoisseurs is the softside waterbed, this is only because hardside waterbeds can be a little uncomfortable when sitting on the side of the frame to get in and out of bed, however when it comes to sleeping comfort there is no difference between the softside and hardside waterbed.The amount of layers in any waterbed mattress greatly alters the users perception of motion stability; this ranges from free flow to ultra stable, and the average customer aims somewhere in-between.

Will i get seasick?

Seasickness, or feeling nauseous because of motion, is very unlikely. A free flow waterbed does have a fair amount of motion though, and although some find this relaxing, the motion may disturb others. It is a mistake to miss out on the benefits of sleeping on a waterbed because the motion may bother you. Today, we have waveless waterbed mattresses that contain layers and are almost as still as a conventional bed, but offering the comfort of a waterbed.

Do they burst?

No…… lets remember vinyl is commonly used in a wide range of industry for its extreme tough and durable properties therefore it is extremely unlikely your mattress will leak if in the event you do experience a leak it can easily and quickly be fixed with a vinyl repair kit, acting purely as a precautionary measure, a vinyl waterbed safety liner is included with all of our waterbeds and this will catch any water that seeps from the hole, since the mattress is not pressurized it’s simply impossible for water to spray out of any hole or tear.

Will it be to heavy for my floor?

The weight of a waterbed is spread over a large area, when broken down into a square inch many of the worlds waterbeds are actually lighter than a washing machine which is a heavy article condensed into a small area, strictly speaking the average waterbed weighs roughly the same has six average adults; of the waterbeds sold worldwide many of these have been installed into a variety of abodes including, mobile homes, listed buildings, flats, hotels, solid timber houses plus more, all of which have caused no known problems.

Are waterbeds noisy?

No…. all waterbeds should be silent if installed correctly; any noise signifies the presence of air and you will get a sloshing noise, this can be prevented by burping the mattress, which is simply a matter of removing the cap and stopper from the valve of the mattress, and starting at the head end performing a downwards sweep across the bed with a broom handle or something similar working the air down the bed and out of the valve, repeat this process a couple of times, any small traces of air may be expelled by using one of our air extractors. With the natural presence of bacteria in the water, photosynthesis will occur and will result in a little air from time to time this symptom can be alleviated by using a quality conditioner as supplied by waterbedwarehouse.

Will it be cold?

All waterbedwarehouse waterbeds are equipped with state of art heaters that have been designed specifically for waterbeds, using a thermostat you can customize the temperature of your bed to suit your needs, keeping you warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months; being able to have a constant temperature, is beneficial to blood circulation.

Whats are the benefits of a waterbed?

Aside from the comfort of sleeping on a waterbed, there are many other benefits. The warmth of the waterbed heater, the even support, and for some, the gentle motion of a semi-waveless mattress can have a calming effect, inducing sleep and countering the stress of everyday life. A waterbed offers total body support, easing body aches. For those that must be confined for long periods to their bed, the water displacement that causes a state of weightlessness also eliminates pressure on the skin reducing the occurrence of bedsores.

What about back pain?

Back pain sufferers often find the total body support of a waterbed the only comfortable surface they can find for sleeping. Since the spine is relieved of pressure, allowing it to relax, and the soothing warmth relieves sore muscles, those with back pain wake in the morning feeling rested.

What about allergy sufferers?

For allergy sufferers, a vinyl waterbed bag if properly cared for, is a more sanitary sleeping surface reducing considerably the population of dust mites found on and in regular mattresses; remember the vinyl mattress is a non-porous membrane unlike conventional sprung mattresses which harbor dead skin cells and dust mites that aggravate conditions like asthma and other respiratory disorders; with a regular cleaning program, about once a month wipe down the vinyl surface of a waterbed bag with your vinyl cleaner when the bedding is changed this helps prevent build up of foreign bodies and also looks after the vinyl mattress.

What about Arthritis?

A warm waterbed can improve circulation, bringing relief to rheumatism sufferers and those with poor blood circulation. Painful arthritic joints can prevent a good night’s sleep, but the warmth of a waterbed, along with the low pressure of the waterbed surface can have arthritis sufferers waking up with less morning stiffness and fully rested again.

Suffer with Insomnia?

Although the debate continues to rage within the scientific community as to why we actually need sleep, nobody can argue the crucial role sleep plays in our daily lives, briefly there are four stages of sleep with the most important stage being the fourth stage otherwise known as Delta sleep, this is where the body’s core temperature falls to its lowest point and almost all bodily functions become paralyzed, crucially though this is where the body enters an accelerated growth and repair cycle allowing our batteries to get a full charge as it where. A conventional mattress unlike a waterbed mattress does not support all of the body’s weight in equal amounts this causes reduced blood circulation and decreases our level of comfort; it is for this reason the average person will adjust their body’s position 60-80 times a night whereby this number is greatly reduced on a waterbed ensuring uninterrupted sleep thus allowing more Delta sleep allowing us to feel more refreshed and alert when we wake.

Bedsores and burns?

People confined to bed for long periods, the elderly, the sick etc often suffer from painful bedsores, however with the reduction of pressure points and equal weight distribution lesions are less likely to occur and indeed if in the event they do they are able to heal more freely. There is a great deal of interest from the medical community regards burns victims due to the fact that blood circulation is not impaired and therefore the healing process is quicker overall.


Expectant mothers have told us their waterbed has made sleeping a pleasure again. Backaches are greatly diminished, and the giving surface is perfect for their changing body contours. Many feel their babies are calmer when mom sleeps on a waterbed.

What about Hygiene?

A waterbed is the most hygienic surface you can sleep on. Conventional sprung mattresses trap and collect body ash, dust mites and other debris making this the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs and other organisms by stark contrast a waterbed mattress is a impervious membrane therefore body ash, dust mites etc find it impossible to co-exist on a waterbed mattress, in conjunction to this fact conventional mattresses are sprayed with chemicals and resins to flame proof them that may prove to be harmful to humans, there are no such problems with a waterbed mattress.

Do i need to condition and clean a waterbed?

Yes we recommend adding waterbed conditioner yearly, it helps prevent the build up of bacteria and algae, plus our waterbed conditioner helps preserve the life of the mattress, we also advise using our waterbed vinyl cleaner to look after the outside of the mattress and preserve it’s life span.

How long will a new waterbed last?

A new waterbed that is looked after should serve you for many years to come, waterbeds can easily last 20 years and beyond.

How much does it cost to heat a waterbed?

Waterbeds a very inexpensive to run, once the waterbed is full, ideally from a bathtub using tepid water, a waterbed heater will help keep the temperature, waterbed heaters are very economical and use approximately 225 watts, per hour around a quarter of the power a kettle uses when boiling, the thermostat is on standby 90% of the time and gives a heat boost periodically, typical costs are around 25p a day.

Are waterbeds easy to move?

Yes, our waterbeds are no different to moving a normal bed, however they must be drained first, the mattress will flatten down to the size of a large duvet.