Waterbed Benefits

Waterbed benefits are numerous so lets look at them because we understand buying a bed is a big decision, it can be a big outlay, so we think its important to make a well informed choice, so here is a brief outline why buying a waterbed could well be the best move you have ever made.

We all want to wake up in the morning feeling fully rested for the new day ahead, the best way to do that is buying a bed that fully supports us while we sleep.

Many of our customers who come to us have tried all kinds of beds in their quest to find the perfect sleeping solution, and we believe our range waterbeds provide the answer many people are looking for,

So take a look below and see why we believe waterbeds are the most comfortable beds money can buy.

Waterbeds promote sleep

Waterbeds naturally contour to the shape of our body’s, we are after all made of 70% water, the more comfortable we are, the less we move and change our sleeping position, this encourages us to fall asleep faster and more importantly staying in the land of nod, sleep has numerous benefits not only to our physical state but also to our mental state, it is a proven fact when we are tired we become less productive.

Medical Benefits of Waterbeds

Waterbeds are actively encouraged by the medical profession because of their associated health benefits and are often used in hospitals all around the world, they help relieve sore muscles, actively increase blood flow due to less pressure points, help bed sores, people suffering from serious burns, another benefit of a waterbed is there is no need to rotate the mattress unlike a normal mattress, people of all ages can benefit from a waterbed, from babies right up to advanced years, even in pregnancy waterbeds are proven to aid and assist with a good night’s sleep.

Hygienic Benefits

Waterbeds are the most hygienic beds there are, dust mites can’t burrow down like in normal beds. Waterbeds can’t harbour other things like dust, body secretions, dead skin cells, dirt etc.

Benefits over other types of beds

Waterbed retain their shape night after night, they will never lose shape, where other beds made of springs of memory foam deform over time and no longer provide support.

Many believe a bed should be changed every 8 years because of this, however waterbeds simply don’t have the same issue. Waterbeds have a life span that is far superior to any other kind of bed on the market to date, take care of your bed and it will take care of you, with the right care, waterbeds can last over two decades with ease.

Looking at the above , it’s hard to see why all of us are not sleeping on a waterbed, but we want to change that and encourage everybody to open their eyes to a better night’s sleep.

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