Please Note: All mattress sizes given, are to fit the size of the bed and are not an actual representation of the mattress sizes themselves. Please see below for product range and guidance!

Waterbed Dual Mattresses

All of our waterbed mattresses are designed to conform to E.U regulations and conform to the highest standards in manufacturing quality, including reinforced seams, tethered fibre's and we carry huge stocks, however if you need special sizes or an urgent replacement, contact us for stock information! All of our mattresses come with a 5- year guarantee. All of our mattresses come with a 12 month conditioner, repair kit and easy installation bookletWaterbed Mattress

Please Note: Our Dual matts come with thermal divider as standard, Priced for 2 x Mattress


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Divan style (Softsided)Once again the name implies the mattress housing is soft, this is exactly the case.Waterbed Practically all softsided water mattress are housed in a specially designed "foambath". Softsiders are generally smaller than their counterparts the hardsider, and they also have sloped walls unlike the hardsider or timber framed water mattress. The softsided waterbed looks and feels like a conventional sprung bed, this makes the softsider very easy to get in and out of; the softsided waterbed has largely replaced the hardsider in popularity since the early nineties till present day.

Waterbed Hardsided Mattresses

Timber frame (Hardsided):
As the name implies the timber framed mattress can only be used with waterbedsWaterbedthat house the water mattress in a wooden frame, wooden framed waterbeds tend to be a little larger than their softside predecessors, in addition these types of water mattress's usually have straight walls. The timber framed waterbed is a little cumbersome to get in and out of, they were however popular sellers through the eighties and very early nineties.

Waterbed Dual Mattresses

When two individuals are sharing a bed, it is obvious that each may be completely uncomfortable with the preferences of the other, or perhaps one is of significantly less weight than the other. In such cases, a dual system waterbed is preferred. In a Dual mattress, the bed contains two smaller mattresses seperated by a thermal divider ideal for sleeping preferences that can be tailored to suit each individual for different temperature and comfort demands.