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Waterbed Fill And Drain Kit

Compact lightweight electric drill powered pump. Perform your own complete filling and drainage of waterbeds with this complete drain kit, comes with an electric driven vacuum pump, perfect union and 7 metres of hose. Ready to use immediately, supplied with all fixtures and fittings.

  • Robust plastic body and stainless steel internal parts avoid corrosion
  • Fits all portable electric drills (350W min, 2000 - 3000rpm operating speed)
  • Flow rate - 40 to 50 ltr/min max. (reduced if filter used) at 28psi
  • Max. suction height 2Mtrs, Max. outlet (pumping) head 15Mtrs
  • Pumps water between 5 & 60°C
  • Use with 19mm (¾") inside diameter hose