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About Us:-

We are a Midlands based company with over thirty years experience in the United kingdom waterbed industry we are unsurpassed by any other waterbed company of its kind. We understand the needs of our customers, the quality and efficiency of our products and service are paramount to us enabling our business to be at the forefront of a very demanding domain. With the ability to harness new innovations in both technology and manufacturing, it is our desire to bring a competitive product alongside an extremely flexible delivery schedule to fulfill the requirements our customers would expect from our business. All of our waterbeds are manufactured here at waterbedwarehouse by skilled tradesman who pay particular attention to the smallest of details.

We provide a large number of beds in addition to Waterbedwarehouse, our sister websites focus on Tv beds which can be found at tellybeds.co.uk and waterbeds which can be found at dreameasy.co.uk