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Waterbedwarehouse is one of the largest waterbed manufacturers in the UK. We have an extensive range of waterbeds and waterbed accessories. All of our waterbeds come with with the latest technology, plus our entire range of waterbeds come with a five year guarantee plus free delivery nationwide.

Waterbeds From £499.99

We have an extensive range of quality waterbeds, coming in a wide variety of styles, fabric and colours, most of which can be altered to suit your needs, four poster waterbeds and wooden framed waterbeds are also available from our range. See our latest promotional offer of the Prado waterbed a faux leather bed, was £899, now just £799.99!!

Waterbeds For Next Day Delivery

We have a small selection of waterbeds available for next day delivery.
We stock a variety of beds and tv beds in our range in addition we can also cater for individuals who require emperor sizes of which some are currently available in our range as standard.

Waterbed Accessories!

We have a complete range of waterbed accessories including Waterbed conditioner, Mattresses, Heaters, Waterbed pumps plus more to help you with all your needs for your bed.

Contact Us!

Here on our site you will find all the commonly asked questions and benefits of waterbeds, and were sure you will have one or two, anything you cant find on our site - why not phone us for further advice on:-Tel: 01384 483322